A Review on the Use of Polymeric Coatings for Retrofitting of Structural Elements against Blast Effects





Blast loading, Polymer coating, Polyurea, Structural elements, Structural retrofitting


An increase in terrorist activities, accidental explosions and the proliferation of weapons in recent years has made infrastructures across the globe more vulnerable to extreme impulsive loadings. Both in research and in practice, strengthening by the use of composite laminates such as fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) has been the most popular technique for strengthening structures facing the risk of blast loads. Alternatively, in recent years, researchers have been working towards the possibility of using elastomeric polymer coatings for structural retrofitting applications since they show the potential in enhancing blast and impact resistance of structural elements. However, the knowledge on this technique is still at its infancy considering that the related information on its application is very limited and tends to be scattered. This paper attempts to address the gap by providing a review on the current state of this novel technique in retrofitting structural elements against the explosive effects of blast. The discussions provided are mainly focussed on the application of this technique on masonry, steel and composite structures and systems, as well as on reinforced concrete (RC) panels. The areas in which more in-depth research is required, and where there exist a critical lack of knowledge, have also been highlighted.


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S.N. Raman, Nguyen, T. and Mendis, P. (2011) “A Review on the Use of Polymeric Coatings for Retrofitting of Structural Elements against Blast Effects”, Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering, 11, pp. 69–80. doi: 10.56748/ejse.11144.




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