Technical-economic studies about the effect of Nano-carbon black on asphalt mixtures


  • Mohammad Zarei Imam Khomeini International University
  • Alireza Naseri Islamic azad university
  • Arsalan Salehikalam
  • Morteza Ghandehari Islamic Azad University image/svg+xml
  • Mahdi Nasrollahi
  • Ali Dadashi



Nano carbon black, marshall stability, rutting resistance, Economic analysis


Nanomaterial have been considered as one of the new additives by researchers for use in asphalt pavement. In this study, economic analysis along with technical analysis of the effect of different percentages of Nano carbon black on a 1 km long road was evaluated. The results showed that the addition of Nano carbon black to the asphalt mixture in low percentages reduced the Marshall stability due to the lack of proper bonding between bitumen and Nano carbon black. By increasing the percentage of Nano carbon black in the asphalt mix, Marshall Stability increased. Also, Nano carbon black has clearly shown potential for improving the permanent deformation resistance of the modified asphalt mixture. During the Marshall Quotient test, more than two times increase in rutting resistance has been observed by adding more than 10% Nano carbon black to the asphalt mixture. On the other hand, the results of economic analysis showed that the project has become uneconomic in different percentages; however, due to the positive effect of adding Nano carbon black on the technical properties of asphalt mixtures, it is recommended that Nano carbon black be used sparingly in areas where the pavement suffers from a lack of load-bearing capacity.


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Zarei, M., Naseri, A., Salehikalam, A., Ghandehari, . M., Nasrollahi, M. and Dadashi, A. (2022) “Technical-economic studies about the effect of Nano-carbon black on asphalt mixtures”, Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering, 22(2), pp. 33–41. doi: 10.56748/ejse.223212.