Design System of Integrated Management Platform for Smart Park and Project Case


  • Jingchao ZHANG Chinese Sixth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry Company Limited
  • Lu YANG Henan University of Engineering
  • Ang LI Henan University of Engineering
  • Yan ZONG Henan University of Engineering



Smart Park, Internet of Things, Integration Management, Software Defined Network


With the continuous development of 5G, big data, the Internet of Things (IOT) and other technologies, the smart park will realize data sharing, information processing and transmission, and finally tend to be smart city. There are some problems such as unclear design dimensions, poor interactivity of subsystems and high expansion costs in the development of smart park. In the face of these problems, an application-oriented comprehensive management platform system of intelligent park is designed. It is built on a digital twin software-defined campus which is scalability and flexibility with wisdom in the cloud and application at the end as the core service concept. The overall system architecture and management platform module composition are introduced in which the software defined network (SDN) technology is used to separate the control plane and data plane and the four dimensions of people, things, affairs and space are digitalization in the smart Park. One application carries a variety of park services such as production, official business handling, property administration and so on to realize the effective application of the underlying network facilities. The project of high-tech information intelligent park of the Chinese Sixth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry Company Limited has been implemented. As an engineering case the platform system can provide personalized design for the park and carry out multi-professional and multi-terminal integrated management, application and display so as to improve the intelligent management level and the service experience to create greater economic and social value.


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