Nonlinear finite element Analysis of laterally loaded piles in Layered Soils




Laterally loaded piles, ‘‘p-y’’ Curves, Elastic foundation, Finite Element, Layered soils


This work is based on Winkler’s theory to analyze laterally loaded single piles using the finite element method. Soil nonlinearity is taken into account via nonlinear springs “p-y” curves.  Exact element displacement shape functions and stiffness matrix are used for the element in the case of linear Winkler’s modulus of subgrade reaction. In the nonlinear stage, an averaging technique for the element secant Winkler modulus is used to calculate the shape functions and stiffness matrix. An iterative technique is used to take into account the non-linearity of the soil. Few elements are required to simulate the pile efficiently. Unlike other analytical methods, the current method can be used to analyze piles with any load-transfer curves with arbitrary variation with depth.


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