Intrusion Detection System using Wireless Sensor Networks


  • Absar-ul-Hasan National University of Science and Technology image/svg+xml
  • G. A. Shah 2Center for Advanced Research in Engineering, Islamabad
  • A. Ali National University of Science and Technology image/svg+xml



Ground monitoring of areas of high strategic value is necessary in today’s security sensitive world. Often, military setups require tight security cordons to be established around large encampments to protect any intruder, malicious attacker or saboteur from entering the premises and compromising its security. Such monitoring requires 24 / 7 watch over the area for long durations and a high degree of stealthiest. At the same time, cost, reliability and longevity are the fundamental requirements of such a monitoring system. Hence, the ability to monitor an area for intrusion detection by using Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is of great practical importance. In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of a system capable of reliable, robust and efficient monitoring for human intrusion detection. The system allows a group of cooperative but autonomous sensory devices forming a wireless network to detect human presence within the deployment area and also track the positions of moving target. We evaluate the performance of the system consisting up to 30 nodes that includes MicaZ motes and also our custom built low cost sensor nodes. Performance results show that how the custom designed sensor nodes perform equally well and coexist with MicaZ motes. Finally, through this paper, we share our experiences and the valuable lessons learned in developing such a complete running system.


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Absar-ul-Hasan, Ghalib A. Shah and Ather Ali (2010) “Intrusion Detection System using Wireless Sensor Networks”, Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering, (01), pp. 90–99. doi: 10.56748/ejse.13501.