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Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering (EJSE)

The Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering (EJSE) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal. Since its inception in 2001, EJSE has been at the forefront as one of the world's first digital journals, providing an international forum for the dissemination and discussion of cutting-edge research and practical applications in structural engineering. Published by Electronic Journals for Science and Engineering - International (EJSEI), based in Australia, EJSE continues to play a vital role in advancing the field. If you are planning to submit your work to EJSE, please visit: Submissions Page

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Vol. 24 No. 2 (2024)
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Welcome to Volume 24, Issue 2 of the Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering, featuring an exciting range of eight research articles in structural engineering, where we bring you a collection of cutting-edge research papers that delve into various aspects of structural engineering. This issue features groundbreaking studies that explore innovative materials, advanced techniques, and seismic performance of structural elements. With topics ranging from ACI development length provisions for RC slabs to the seismic performance of prefabricated composite shear walls, these papers provide actionable insights for researchers, engineers, and industry professionals aiming to advance structural engineering. Dive into this issue to uncover transformative solutions for more resilient and innovative construction practices.

Published: 2024-06-30


  • Examining ACI Development Length and Strength Provisions for RC Slabs Strengthened with NSM GFRP

    Sama Taha, George Iskander, Mohamed Abou-Zeid, Ezzeldin Sayed-Ahmed
  • Experimental Study on Flexural Performance of lap-spliced and mechanical-spliced (clamp type) rebars in RC Beams

    Jafar Jafar, Hariadi Yulianto, Zaneta Ambarwati, M Firzaki Musyaffa
  • Research on seismic performance of prefabricated composite shear wall with end steel plate connection

    Yi Wang, Chengcheng Guo, Peibo You, Hairong Wu, Zili Wang, Yansong Li
  • Investigating the Behaviour and Strength of Unbonded Pre-tensioned RC Slabs Subject to Flexural Loads

    Jasmin Abdelhalim, George Iskander, Ezzeldin Yazeed Sayed Ahmed
  • Numerical Simulation of Steel Reinforced Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Beams Based on Analysis of Push-out Test

    jianwen zhang, Fanyu Zhao , Zhipeng Xv
  • Study on the influence of TBM disc cutter on the penetration of extremely hard rock in Zijing Tunnel

    Chao Gao, Yufeng Huang, Qi Geng, Xiaowu Han, Huijian Zhang, Rucheng Hu, Fei Liu
  • Enhancement of Concrete Microstructure using Graphene Oxide as a Cement Additive: An Experimental Study

    Rajendra Prasad, Nirmala, Sridevi, Madhu , Sharath
  • Comparative Design of an Industrial Building: Cold Formed Steel versus Hot Rolled Steel

    Idriss Rouaz, Haytham Bouzid, Toufik Belaid, Mounir Ait Belkacem
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