Research on seismic performance of prefabricated composite shear wall with end steel plate connection


  • Yi Wang Henan University of Urban Construction
  • Chengcheng Guo China Three Gorges University
  • Peibo You Henan University of Urban Construction
  • Hairong Wu Henan University of Urban Construction
  • Zili Wang Henan University of Urban Construction
  • Yansong Li Henan University of Urban Construction



Prefabricated composite shear wall, end steel plate connection, seismic properties, numerical simulation, theoretical analysis


Chinese construction industry is gradually transforming to industrialization, which promotes the development of prefabricated buildings. As an efficient lateral force resisting system, prefabricated steel-plate concrete composite shear wall structure has become a research hotspot in the field of architecture at home and abroad. Based on the mechanical characteristics of the shear wall, this paper proposes a end steel plate connection prefabricated composite shear wall structure. Through numerical simulation and analysis of the prefabricated composite shear wall with different connection areas and the cast-in-place composite shear wall, which verified the feasibility and reliability of end steel plate connection. Based on the above verification, the influence of different parameters on the seismic performance of the prefabricated composite shear wall with end steel plate connection has been further studied, and the theoretical calculation of bearing capacity is carried out. The results show that the length of the connector should be controlled within a reasonable range. The tie bars in the node connection area can improve the strength and ductility of the prefabricated composite shear wall. The aspect ratio and axial pressure ratio have obvious influence on the seismic performance of the wall, which should be reasonably selected in design.


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