A Comparative Study to Assess the Thermal Behaviour of Sandwich Roof Panels with Coconut Fibre as an Alternative Core Material to Polyurethane


  • Sathya Bandaranayake University of Moratuwa
  • Tharika Kahandawa Arachchi University of Moratuwa
  • Kumari Gamage University of Moratuwa




Modular Panels, Insulation, Sustainability, Coir Fibre


Sandwich panels (modular panels) promote optimal solutions to some major issues prevailing in the construction industry such as increased energy consumption by building elements, excessive disposal of constructional waste and unproductive time spent during construction. Hence, the inclination towards sandwich elements has been increased vastly deviating from conventional building construction materials and methods. However, the potentiality of using locally available natural materials for the development of sandwich panels is a salient sustainable approach that needs to be addressed. This study evaluates the current and potential materials used in modular panels and key properties of sandwich panels including mechanical, thermal insulation, and sound insulation properties. Moreover, various test methods followed, and standards specified to investigate the mechanical, thermal and acoustic insulation properties are also discussed. The possibility of using coconut fibre as a locally available natural alternative core material to polyurethane core of sandwich panels has been evaluated using simulations based on the material properties obtained from literature. The study identifies coconut fibre as a potential alternative core material for sandwich roof panels as it reflects nearly similar thermal behaviour to polyurethane.


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Bandaranayake, S., Kahandawa Arachchi, T. and Gamage, K. (2023) “A Comparative Study to Assess the Thermal Behaviour of Sandwich Roof Panels with Coconut Fibre as an Alternative Core Material to Polyurethane”, Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering, 23(3), pp. 14–18. doi: 10.56748/ejse.234153.