Optimisation of the Construction Plan of Assembled Concrete Structures in Other Courtyard Buildings Based on Grey Clustering





Grey clustering, Assembled buildings, Concrete structures, Construction solutions


The assembled concrete structure is a common construction solution in the current building industry, and it is debatable how to further improve the construction efficiency of the pointed claw assembled concrete structure. The study proposes a grey clustering method based on the improved OWA operator as a means to obtain more effective construction evaluation indicators. In performance tests, it was shown that the grey clustering method under the OWA operator optimisation is more capable of computing features for large amounts of data than traditional grey clustering, with an execution time of less than 200s. In the application tests of the construction scheme, the study showed that the proposed optimisation scheme has a more effective safety evaluation, shorter construction period and lower resource consumption. These results show that the use of grey clustering is effective in optimising the construction of assembled concrete structures, and that the optimised solutions show better reduction in construction time and resource utilisation than traditional construction solutions, so that the rational use of grey clustering in assembled buildings will help the construction industry to achieve greater efficiency in construction.


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