Dynamic response of cracked concrete rehabilitated with composites



Disaster mitigation is one of the ongoing efforts in most of the countries to reduce the impact on people and property. The focus of the present study is to provide design inputs for rehabilitating beam structures using locally available composite materials based on linear and nonlinear dynamic analysis. This study models the tensile zone of a beam structure using finite elements with pre-assigned crack widths and crack depth. In linear modeling, the stiffness is assumed to vary linearly and in nonlinear modeling, bilinear variation of the stiffness is considered for analysis. The linear and non-linear response of cracked beam obtained from the finite element method is given as input for dynamic analysis. The frequency, time-period shift and amplitude are studied for uncracked beam, beams with damage for different types of cracks width and depth and design recommendation for rehabilitation of damaged beam with different types of composites are suggested.


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