Durability of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete: Literatures review


  • Omar M. Abdulkareem College of Engineering/University of Mosul
  • Rana B. Alshahwany Department of Environmental Engineering/College of Engineering/University of Mosul
  • Ayad A. Mousa Department of Environmental Engineering/College of Engineering/University of Mosul




Polypropylene Fiber, Concrete, Durability, Permeability, Sorptivity, Absorption, Chloride diffusion, Carbonation, Frost Resistance


Use of polypropylene fibers to reinforce concrete has attracted widespread attention from both researchers and construction industry because of the numerous characteristics they have, compared to other types of fibers. This paper critically reviews the current state of knowledge of impacting the inclusion of polypropylene fibers on concrete durability. Detailed review on the different durability properties including: Water and gas permeability, sorptivity, water absorption, chloride diffusion, carbonation, and frost resistance. The influence of polypropylene fibers on these properties is discussed in this paper.



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