Study of Landslide Prevention Schemes Options Using Probability Dom-inance Decision-Making Model




Landslide Control, Scheme Optimization, Attribute Weight, Probability Dominance, Inter-val Number


Optimum selections of landslide scheme and scientific treatment are of great theoretical and practical importance to avoid or reduce the unnecessary loss of life and money. In this study, we shall first briefly introduce a Probability Dominance Decision-Making model to evaluate the effectiveness degree of landslide scheme considering the weights of relationship between decision attributes. Firstly, several meas-ured indicators of landslide control (Total Project Investment U1, Construction Difficulty U2, etc.) are selected as key impacting indicators to appraise alternative schemes correctly. Moreover, the attribute values of inter-val information for each landslide scheme is defined, and then the Attribute Dominance Relation is proposed to solve the index weights as well as the problem of unknown attribute weight in landslide control schemes. Next, the attribute weight values are ranked and picked by the dominance index relationship between the de-cision schemes and overall schemes. Simultaneously, this paper analyzed the probability decision making problem of using attribute value as Interval Number. In this procedure, we introduced the detailed derivation and analyzed the same and different points between the proposed model with the Deviation Maximization Al-gorithm. Finally, an example is given to illustrate the effectiveness and feasibility of the model.


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Fei Wang, Hui Zhang and Dongjun Li (2020) “Study of Landslide Prevention Schemes Options Using Probability Dom-inance Decision-Making Model”, Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering, 20, pp. 13–21. doi: 10.56748/ejse.20241.