Behavior of Castellated Steel Beams: State of the Art Review


  • Samadhan G. Morkhade Vidya Pratishthan's Kamalnayan Bajaj Institute of Engineering & Technology
  • L. M. Gupta Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology image/svg+xml



Castellated steel beam, Conventional beam, Lateral-torsional buckling, Vierendeel mechanism


The state of the art of behaviour of Steel Castellated Beams is explain in this paper. The present research status of behavior of castellated beams is not mature and need much through study compared to beams without openings in the web. The existence of various shapes of openings such as circular, hexagonal, rectan-gular, octagonal and oval etc. in beams web add some additional failure modes namely; lateral-torsional buck-ling of web posts, web post buckling due to shear force, formation of four plastic hinges around the corners of openings, rupture of welded of joints in the castellated beams over a conventional steel beams. A review of experimental and analytical work carried out on castellated steel beams has been presented. The paper also focuses on the influence of various parameters such as types of openings, size of openings, spacing of the openings, aspect ratio, various numbers of openings and strengthening on the behavior of steel beams with web openings


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Samadhan G. Morkhade and Laxmikant M. Gupta (2019) “Behavior of Castellated Steel Beams: State of the Art Review”, Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering, 19, pp. 39–48. doi: 10.56748/ejse.19234.